Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainer, Coach & Mentor


Meditation Facilitation Training
6+ month training face to face & online

+ supervision

Next Intake Starts August 2024

Are you practicing meditation regularly and keen to share your love of meditation?

This is a 110 plus hour, Level 1 Meditation Facilitator Training, registered with IICT, delivered over a minimum of six months. It is designed to be relevant to modern day life and to meet and embrace modern day alchemy in the new spirit of meditation and synthesis. This training combines both the theory, practical and ethical skills which will enable you to professionally facilitate meditation classes for one-on-one and groups sessions.

In addition to learning to facilitate meditation, this training has a unique focus on personal and spiritual development supporting you to build and strengthen your vital foundation as a meditation facilitator.

Patti includes ongoing, regular meditation facilitation support & mentoring sessions, via Teams, for all graduates to support each other teaching and to receive ongoing feedback and suggestions. 

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"I am so grateful to have bravely challenged myself as a student of this Meditation Facilitation Training course. During the six months, not only did I deepen my own experience of meditation, but I learned how to give back in a real and authentic way. I feel I have grown tremendously as a person because of the personal and spiritual development offered as part of this course. I stretched my comfort zones and found my unique voice. It was special to share experiences with like-hearted people on the course and to cheer each other on as we grew in confidence and delivered our practicum sessions. The Meditation Facilitation Training course is comprehensive, teaches a wide variety of meditation techniques, and is sensitive and inclusive to all. Patti is a nurturing and encouraging teacher and generously shares a wealth of experience and wisdom. If you feel drawn to this training course, I encourage you to commit and receive all it has to offer."  Steph

"Attending the meditation facilitation training opened a new space for me to explore meditation in a safe and supportive environment that was truly transformative, especially considering that meditation was once a source of fear and trauma for me. I celebrate the fact that the training provided a safe and supportive space for me to approach meditation anew. This discovering of new ways of meditating allowed me to embrace the opportunity to explore different meditation techniques and approaches introduced in the training. I have a greater sense of gratitude for the courage and resilience it took to confront my fear of meditation and embark on this journey of exploration and growth."   Shannon

"Patti's Meditation training has had me discover, explore, and realise things about myself in so many ways that I never knew existed. My journey has been amazing, full of growth, inspirational, with humility. Very Inspiring.  So Grateful." Michelle

"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the Meditation Teacher Training with Patti. She has a calm and grounded presence, truly embodying what she teaches. The curriculum is comprehensive and rigorous, yet Patti simplifies everything to make it accessible. As a teacher, she is deeply accepting and inclusive. What makes this course particularly special is Patti's high standard of ethics and psychological clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend her course." Maggie

"A refreshingly unique and grounded training! You could say it is Meditation made simple and accessible for all walks of life - do less not more!

Throughout the training I felt challenged to step outside of my comfort zone, whilst being championed and supported to bring authenticity and uniqueness to facilitation. It never felt like a one size fits all/cookie cutter training. With a comprehensive mix of meditation styles along with training for the trauma sensitive.

The spiritual and energetic component was very helpful too, and added a much needed layer around the responsibility we have to hold a clear space for our students - an area that feels in great need of refinement within the meditation community. It was lovely too, to share the journey with other like-hearted participants. Over all I loved this training and would highly recommend it to anyone considering strengthening their personal practice or wanting to become a meditation teacher. " Jen