One on one Coaching & Mentoring or Transformational Counselling 



In 2009 I completed a Certificate IV in Life Coaching & Mentoring with the Global Coaching Academy. It was a year of training and practicum and it put me through my paces. In 2021 I completed a Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling to develop skills and for my own growth.

"As a mentor & coach, Patti creates a safe space to talk about my life issues. I know I have been heard & not judged.  Receiving encouragement, gently called to take responsibility for my own life. I feel empowered & affirmed to take charge of my own choices & actions. "  

"I have been participating in individual mentoring with Patti during 2020 at a personal and professional level. Patti is genuine, down to earth, caring and knowledgeable in her guidance. My work with Patti is something that carries on in-between sessions with a holistic approach, allowing for reflection, self-discovery and growth. Mentoring has allowed me to learn so much about myself and others, to stay grounded and on a road of continuous improvement as an individual and as a meditation facilitator. Patti is a wonderful teacher & mentor".

Sessions are $110 for the hour with reduced fees for blocks of 4 and 8 sessions